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Hi, my name is Paul.

I am a freelancer. Available for work. Get in touch.

Over the years of my activity, I have gained experience in website and online store development, as well as in digital marketing and running advertising campaigns. I can assist you in these areas, from comprehensive work to ongoing project support.

Additionally, I am skilled and enjoy finding the necessary specialists in various fields and can assist in recruiting valuable team members.

Please email me with your interests, and I will do my best to help.

I specialise in website development using a comprehensive approach. After receiving the idea from you, I will propose implementation ideas, design options, and functionality. I work autonomously, independently gathering necessary information and creating a draft product while coordinating details with you.

I specialise in the popular WordPress platform. If needed, I customise websites by installing existing plugins or enhancing functionality through PHP and JavaScript coding. For e-commerce development, I use the Woocommerce platform based on WordPress.

I specialise in launching advertising campaigns through Google Ads. Advertising placement options vary depending on the goals and needs of your business. For instance, if the company’s product is mass-market, it would be advisable to place banner ads on thousands of websites within Google’s partner network.

If the goal is brand recognition, placing video ads within other creators’ content on YouTube would be a good option. For niche business areas (B2B), targeted advertising through Google search allows for precise ad targeting.

Throughout my extensive experience in the IT industry, I have had to find various specialists for my needs, gaining expertise in quality sourcing and selection. I assist in finding remote specialists, ranging from managerial positions (sales specialists, remote assistants) to programmers.

I locate people in different countries depending on the request. The primary communication language is English or Russian. Specialists go through automated selection funnels, during which the top 2-5% are selected based on preliminary results. Suitable candidates are then identified and provided to you.